Crystal & Will

Bun in the Oven

Last weekend I drove 6 hours to pick up Natey and throw him in the jeep.. ok so really I parked outside his dorm and hopped in the passenger seat because at this point I was DONE driving! We then road tripped together to the Cedar Island Ferry where we slept in our tempui tent (there was snow on the ground. I survived.) and took the 6am Ferry to Ocracoke Island to capture Crystal & Will’s Maternity session! Crystal and I have been good friends now for the past few years, she is also a photographer who lives in Ocracoke Island. We bonded over our mutual love for photography and sarcasm. As soon as I found out she was preggers I told Natey we NEEDED to plan a trip. I cannot get over how freaking adorable Crystal is, her and Will were so relaxed and did awesome throughout their session. Jokingly I told her at the end of our session that if she went into labor to let me know and I’d rush editing their session. THIS WAS A JOKE. However, little Grady James was listening and decided to respond with “Challenge Accepted. I am coming early!” I cannot wait to meet him and take some adorable newborn photos.