Bryce & Rachel

Connection Session

How does one get to Altus, Oklahoma? Well this preggo lady (hello third trimester!) flew from DC to Dallas, Texas- drove 2 and a half hours to pick up a super hot husbabe in Wichita Falls, Texas and then drove an hour and half to Altus, Oklahoma! While there is not typically this much travel involving a session I would not trade it for the world. If I can bring my rucksack then I am DOWN TO TRAVEL WHEREVER. (Maybe not to Space? However, if Space Force happens then who knows?) My hott husbabe graduated BMT many, many moons ago with Bryce who quickly became part of our family as a little brother. I finally got to meet his girlfriend Rachel and I HAVE A NEW GIRL CRUSH! After all this travel we literally had 25 minuets to make this session happen.. during high noon lighting! If you are also a photographer I bet you are cringing with me here- well these two rocked it! Basically any time I get to photograph authentic love stories that are NOT “Pintrest Perfect” my heart grows multiple sizes (yes, I am quoting the Grinch here). Seriously, you do not need a new outfit you saw online just because you booked a portrait session.

Wear your favorite clothes, have wild hair, SHOW OFF YOUR TATS.